Quarta, 05 de Julho de 2017

USP Advanced School of Fluid Mechanics 2017 Numerical Methods

Patrocínio ATS à Escola Avançada de Mecânica dos Fluidos da USP

Estamos felizes em patrocinar o evento internacional sobre CFD e mecânica dos fluidos a ser realizado na Universidade de São Paulo - USP.

Veja mais detalhes sobre o evento abaixo.

USP Advanced School of Fluid Mechanics
2017 Numerical Methods

São Paulo, 14-17 August 2017
The 2017 edition of the USP-ASFM, a 30+hour intensive course on the recent developments in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Three world-leading researchers are invited to the University of São Paulo to lecture on their specialties, sharing the new accomplishments of their research groups and their critical view on the future of CFD.

The USP-ASFM is an academic event at a graduate level, targeted at PhD and MSc students, postdocs and academic researchers. Regular USP students may count credits towards their MSc or PhD programs (they will be required to enroll in a specific discipline). Undergraduate students involved in Scientific Initiation programs and non-academic professionals of the field are also welcome.

The 2017 course on Numerical Methods is part of a the the USP-ASFM series. Please watch this site for the next courses. USP-ASFM contact:  Prof Gustavo Assi (fluidmech@usp.br).